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All equipment of our Fitness centre, which renders services 12 months a year, conforms to the demands of professional sport teams which have many training sessions especially in winter months. We offer our guests an opportunity to stay healthy by keeping fit in the company of our professional instructors.


Our Oxygen health centre, the staff of which was fully renewed in 2007 and combines local and foreign professionals, alongside with such massage techniques as Thai massage, Anti cellulites massage, Stone massage, Ayurveda massage, Chocolate massage, Feet massage etc. also offers skin care and face masks, and lets our guests get rid of stress accumulated during the year.


In your luxurious pergola located at our beach, you can enjoy food and beverage service rendered by our special personnel all day long. Guest Relations Department will help you with the reservation.

• Fitness centre

Working hours: 08.00-19.30

• Turkish bath

Working hours: 08.00-19.30

• Sauna

Working hours: 10.00-19.30


Varlık 3